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Remember Why You Started Sign Sitting on Shelf
Business · 7 MIN READ

Motivation vs Discipline

Have you ever woken up and just couldn’t get motivated to do the things that were most important for you? We all feel a lack of motivation at times. So why do some people seem always to be delivering great work? How are they keeping themselves motivated all the time?

Woman Holding Money
Business · 5 MIN READ

A Call to Service People to Rise Up!

We are supposed to be living the “Gig Economy”, where we can have anything we need to have done, done for us. Despite this, every day I am constantly told by service people how booked they are and how jammed their schedule is. This is a fundamental breakdown of supply and demand in the marketplace.

Hand Drawn Bar Chart
Business · 4 MIN READ

Setting Marketing Goals

The year just rolled over and I’m guessing you have tons of ideas of all the things you want to accomplish in 2019. You need a plan for better execution or your 2019 will deliver the same results as previous years.

Yearly Planning Journal
Business · 1 MIN READ

Yearly Goals and Planning

This past week I have read the yearly recaps of more than a dozen people. They were all the same. Some blow the doors off their goals and some fell well short.

Employees punch it out after successful meeting
Business · 7 MIN READ

5 Employees that are Putting Your Business at Risk

Trouble employees do much more damage to a business than great employees do good. Employees are the driving force of your business. If they are motivated and given the right direction, they can move mountains. They can also destroy those mountains, faster then they were ever built up.