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Laravel · 1 MIN READ

Show Number of Facebook Likes in PHP

If you run a Facebook page, and you are starting to build up some good numbers, you may want to show them off on your website. Facebook allows you to embed a Facebook widget on your homepage, but that means you are using third-party scripts, and you can’t control the design. Here is a simple […]

Laravel · 1 MIN READ

50 Laravel Tricks in 50 Minutes

Yitzchok Willroth gave a great talk about at PHP World this year about all the little awesome features in Laravel. I would highly recommend going through all of them and discovering some of the goodies yourself.

Laravel · 1 MIN READ

ECMAScript 6 Features

Luke Hoban has a great roundup on Github of all the great new features coming in ECMAScript 6. My personal favourites are String Interpolation and modules.

Laravel · 1 MIN READ

setInterval is Bad

I got another reminder today of how bad setInterval can be. You just don’t hear developers talking about the problems with setInterval. In fact, I’ve seen numerous tutorials where good developers are using it in their examples. We need to start addressing this and start talking about the problems with setInterval.

Laravel · 2 MIN READ

Upload Files to AWS S3 using Laravel

Update: Freek Van der Herten has an updated version of this tutorial, which is better on memorey and supports larger file uploads. Uploading to Amazon S3 can be a great way to keep your files loading quickly with their CDN, and allow you to work more on your code, rather than your filesystem. Laravel 5’s […]

Laravel · 3 MIN READ

Git and WordPress Workflows

Using Git with WordPress has always been a little bit of black magic. You can’t keep the database under Git, nor can you run migrations on the database. We are left just putting our code and files under Git management, and leaving the database migrations up to something like WP Migrate DB.