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Box your website, or let it breath?

When you set out to design a new website, especially a writing centric website, how you present the primary content is often a major concern. Boxing your website is a technique that was mostly used a lot during the previous decade, but is starting to fade. Here is a screenshot of the previous version of this site. […]

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FireFox Bug using FlexBox and Percentage Based Margins

There seems to be a small bug in FireFox when you are using percentage based margins and Flexbox. If you are using Flexbox, and you have set a percentage based bottom or top margin, they are not applied in FireFox. I have setup a CodePen to demonstrate the problem and you can track the Bugzilla […]

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When Random Isn’t Random Enough

I use to play online poker a lot, but lately not so much. Mostly because the sites really took a hit since Black Friday. Getting to see how the original shuffle algorithms work is awesome, albeit a little disturbing when you see how exploitable they used to be. I do believe this has changed, and […]

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The Creative Process

Matt DuVall has written a great post about the creative process. My favorite piece is his breakdown of feelings a developer or designer go through during the creative process. The Creative Process This is awesome This is tricky This is shit I am shit This might be ok This is awesome

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PHP Tip: When to use the alternative syntax

I use PHP shorthand syntax all the time when working with html templates with embedded PHP. I find the syntax much cleaner then having a bunch of closing brackets in my WordPress or Laravel template files. I came across a tweet the other day from @csswizardry regarding his negative view on the PHP shorhand sytax.

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Make your API Simple for Developers

Brian Mulloy, who is one of the developers for Apigee gave a great presentation on API design principles. I suggest checking this out, whether you are a API developer or not.