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Marco Arment on the New Mac Pro

Apple blew everyone out of the water a couple weeks ago with the news that they were working on a new Mac Pro along with a Pro screen. I am very excited for this new machine, and I’ve been holding off on buying a new Mac desktop until I saw some major improvements. Marco Arment has now posted about what Apple must do to make the Mac Pro a real pro machine.

Marco writes about the many needs of pro users, and how broad the market is. He doesn’t come right out and say it, but I think his overall point is made clear. Just build a tower! A tower Mac would clearly solve 90% of the issues the community keeps bringing up. If Apple brought back the old Mac Pro design, and put some modern components in it, I wouldn’t be able to give them my money fast enough.

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Enable Native OSX Notifications in Chrome

Chrome 49 brought with it a nice new feature for OSX users, native notifications. The caveat to this is that it’s not a feature available by default, or in the settings panel. To enable native notifications, you’ll have to go enable it via Chrome flags, which is equivalent to FireFox’s about:config


WWDC 2015 Thoughts

As I write this, I am only about 1 hour fresh off the WWDC 2015 keynote. As a developer, this is definitely my favorite Apple keynote of the year. Last year was the first time I can remember, that Apple did not introduce any new hardware at WWDC. That’s mostly because they didn’t have to, as they had their announcement filled with exciting new software. I wasn’t expecting any hardware announcements this year, and once I saw Phil Schiller sitting in the crowd, that pretty much sealed it. Continue Reading

Fixing Yosemite Performance Issues

I love Yosemite and all the new features, but I have been having a bad time with frame rates and performance. Just moving windows around is really slow and there seems to be general lag on my machine.

I found a simple solution online, so hopefully it will work just as well for you. Open up System Preferences and follow these two quick steps.

Yosemite Performance Fix Step One

Yosemite Performance Fix Step Two