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Make War with a multitude of councillors

– Greek Proverb

The Legend is Over. Onto the Climax!

Since May 2011, I have been employed at Legend Boats. They have been a great 4+ years, but all great things must come to an end. Two weeks ago I gave my notice to Legend that I was going to be leaving. I have taken a job as a Senior PHP Developer at Climax Media. I am super excited about working at Climax. The people there are incredibly smart, passionate, and I think it will be a great fit. Continue Reading

A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.

– Charles Kettering

Box your website, or let it breath?

When you set out to design a new website, especially a writing centric website, how you present the primary content is often a major concern. Boxing your website is a technique that was mostly used a lot during the previous decade, but is starting to fade.

Here is a screenshot of the previous version of this site. See how my content doesn’t have any fixed restriction on it. Even though the boundaries of 1180 pixels exists around the content and sidebar, I don’t put a visual box to show this bounds.


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This is How You Start a Company in America

This article sums up everything that is wrong with tech entrepreneurs in this century. The perpetuating thought process that “you MUST go to the Valley to be successful” is ridiculous. Plenty of tech businesses have started outside the Valley and have been successful. There are actually a lot of benefits of being outside the Valley, which may even cancel out the benefits of being inside.

The other part of this article that got me frustrated was the attitude of these so called entrepreneurs. The pair seemed to want to do whatever it took to be successful; except actual business tactics like market research, launching their product, doing A/B testing, developing to make the product better, etc. Their whole goal was to find someone to give them a lot of money for their idea. An idea isn’t worth anything, until you combine it with great execution.

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