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Point DNS – An Interface That Programmers and Designers Love

I recently switched over most of my DNS to Point DNS. My pre-qualifications for finding a hosted DNS service was:

  1. Flat monthly fee rather then pay-by-query
  2. Ability to host multiple domains under single plan
  3. Easy to use interface

I’m glad I stumbled upon Point DNS, as they provided everything I was looking for. Check out the short interview I did to find out what I loved about them so much.

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FastMail Adds Calendar Support

Last year I decided to stop hosting my own email and give my business to FastMail, a company dedicated to making your email safe and secure. The problem was, if you were switching from another email account like Gmail or Yahoo, you would still have to travel back there to use the calendar. FastMail has finally added calendar features in their Beta stream.

I’m going to save my full review of the calendar, and my usage of FastMail, until everything is out of Beta. We’re starting to see the benefits of the FastMail team buying the company back from Opera. I’m very excited to see what’s next in store.