Technology is rooted deep within our lives and has always been a great love of mine. I share about large changes in the technology market and review things I think are of interest to my audience.

Technology · 4 MIN READ

Synology DS414J Review

My need for storage have never been very high. I was very early to adopt SSD drives, because I loved the speed gains so much more than the loss of capacity of spinning hard drives. With my growing family, my wife started taking lots and lots of pictures and videos, and suddenly those SSDs weren’t […]

Apple · 1 MIN READ

Fixing Yosemite Performance Issues

I love Yosemite and all the new features, but I have been having a bad time with frame rates and performance. Just moving windows around is really slow and there seems to be general lag on my machine. I found a simple solution online, so hopefully it will work just as well for you. Open […]

Technology · 2 MIN READ

Choosing FireFox for Choice not Fear

I recently read an article I found on HackerNews titled Choose Firefox Now, Or Later You Won’t Get A Choice. While the author does make some good points about why competition is good, the whole premise of the article is terrible.

Technology · 2 MIN READ

New Dell U2412M 24″ Monitor

I am working on a new website for Fuel Multimedia this week, and the Photoshop design that they gave me was HUGE. We are talking 37,000 pixels wide! With that size of a concept, even my 27″ iMac looks a little small.