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FireFox Banner
Technology · 2 MIN READ

30-day Firefox Challenge

Everyone seems to be on the Google hate train as of late. What I don’t understand is how many of these so-called “Google haters” still use Google Chrome. Microsoft recently announced that they were moving to Chromium and Opera has already made the switch. This leaves us with a three browser engine market, a dangerous […]

Yearly Planning Journal
Business Strategy · 1 MIN READ

Yearly Goals and Planning

This past week I have read the yearly recaps of more than a dozen people. They were all the same. Some blow the doors off their goals and some fell well short.

Employees punch it out after successful meeting
Business Strategy · 7 MIN READ

5 Employees that are Putting Your Business at Risk

Trouble employees do much more damage to a business than great employees do good. Employees are the driving force of your business. If they are motivated and given the right direction, they can move mountains. They can also destroy those mountains, faster then they were ever built up.

Business Strategy · 3 MIN READ

My Two Year Outlook

Today I turn 34. I’m ok with this, as I’ve never really been subconscious about my age. I recently read about an exercise in a book, that laid out a different way of setting goals. The idea is to write 500 words of how you want your life to look in 2 years. Then work every day […]

Technology · 1 MIN READ

Slack: Where Annoyance Happens

I’ve been struggling with my communication with my co-workers for several months now. It seems I am always in one of two states. I am either bugging people on Slack, or I am the one being bugged. Slack did replace email for us, but it created a whole new problem in its place. Eric Barnes seems […]

Updates · 1 MIN READ

A Tribute to Roy Halladay

Roy Halladay was one of the greatest pitchers I ever got to see. For almost a decade he was the absolute best pitcher in baseball. Doc Halladay was also one of my idols. First for his tireless work ethic and demeanor. Second for his absolute skill on the field. Third for what an amazing overall […]