Writing a Catering App on Sunday Night

A few weeks ago I lost my laptop. That sucked, obviously! On that laptop I had the code base to the latest project I was working on, a catering application. I didn’t have the code backed up (idiot), nor was I using a version control system like Git, or a remote repository like GitHub (moron). So that left me with having to rewrite the code.

Being the excessive compulsive type programmer that I am, I have been trying out a different framework almost every week. This week I’m all about Codeigniter. For some reason I decided to rewrite the application I had already mostly written in plain PHP, in Codeigniter. What could go wrong? Well actually, I lot. (Side Note: Obviously things went wrong. If everything went perfect would I be writing about this? Who cares about the experience that went 100% right? Boring!).

I’m not here to post by amazing solution to XYZ problem, I’m just ranting on my experiences, and trying to hammer home the point to not rewrite applications in frameworks before you REALLY know them inside and out. Some things like posting the form data have been so much faster. Some stuff I’m hitting my head against the wall with. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to pass the data around to the different views. This has nothing to do with Codeigniter, and more so with my inexperience with the framework.

In the end I’m sure I’ll figure it out, so no need to worry (I know, you don’t really care). Maybe if I was writing this application sober, I’d actually be able to figure this shit out.

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