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MMM Receives Legal Threats

Threats and legal actions like this must be stopped. We need a precedent set soon, so that website owners do not live in fear of what their community is saying. Most website owners faced with this legal threat would naturally give in. I’m glad Mr. Money Mustache has chosen to stand his ground, but he shouldn’t half to.

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When Random Isn’t Random Enough

I use to play online poker a lot, but lately not so much. Mostly because the sites really took a hit since Black Friday. Getting to see how the original shuffle algorithms work is awesome, albeit a little disturbing when you see how exploitable they used to be. I do believe this has changed, and random shuffles are audited now.

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Beware the fury of a patient man

– John Dryden

FastMail Adds Calendar Support

Last year I decided to stop hosting my own email and give my business to FastMail, a company dedicated to making your email safe and secure. The problem was, if you were switching from another email account like Gmail or Yahoo, you would still have to travel back there to use the calendar. FastMail has finally added calendar features in their Beta stream.

I’m going to save my full review of the calendar, and my usage of FastMail, until everything is out of Beta. We’re starting to see the benefits of the FastMail team buying the company back from Opera. I’m very excited to see what’s next in store.