About Myself, My Work, and My Passion

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I have been developing web applications for over 15 years now, and I am still loving it as much as the day I first started. I am a full-stack front-end developer, working mostly with Laravel, Ember and WordPress.

I first got involved with the Internet when I was finishing grade school. I found it fascinating that you could create your own content and put it online for everyone to see. In this very basic nature, the web has still not changed much today. The web gives us all a truly open platform to create amazing things, and enrich our lives in ways we never thought possible.

My work has always been based on the latest standards and technologies available. I love working on the edge of technology, and making applications that are both easy to use, and beautifully designed.

Programming Languages / Frameworks

My two favourite frameworks are Laravel, for backend PHP development, and EmberJS for front-end SPAs. These two frameworks have lot of power to them, but are used for very different purposes. Sometimes, doing a full single page app is not always feasible. In those cases, I tend to use either React or VueJS for the JavaScript components.

My WordPress work always seems to bridge the modern world of PHP programming. I tend to use Composer and namespace all my plugins and themes. As a result, all my plugins and themes require PHP 5.3+, where the minimum WordPress requirements are only PHP 5.2. I like keeping things a bit more modern for WordPress.

Recent Twitter Ramblings


I run a small web development agency with my partner Matt Lantz called YAB. Together, we have worked with dozens of amazing clients over half a dozen countries.

It has been an amazing ride, and we have some interesting projects coming up soon.

My Computer Setup

I am a Mac Guy, but I do have a PC for Gaming / Linux purposes. I switch off between my MacBook and Retina iMac, depending on the task I’m working on. For those interested, I use the following setup:

  • 12″ MacBook
  • LG 27″ 4K UD88 Monitor
  • Apple Magic Keyboard
  • Logitech MX Master Mouse
  • Turnstone Buoy