Projects & Works of Passion

Below is a short list of some of my personal work, as well as other projects that I’m proud to have done and been a part of. I work on new projects every week so this is by no means a comprehensive list, but I do keep it updated as much as I can.


    1180px CSS Grid ( )

    I created the 1180px at a time when css grids were overly complex, and the most popular ones topped out at 960 pixels. I wanted a grid that was simple to use, but also delivered some more cutting edge techniques like 1180 pixels wide, flexbox support with fallbacks for older browsers. The result in my work ended up being 1180px which is used on thousands of websites today.


    Covergalls Workwear ( )

    I worked with Fuel Multimedia on this website over the last couple years, and this is the latest version, which aired on the Dragon’s Den on October 15, 2014. The website is powered by WordPress, with their E-Commerce powered by WooCommerce. Everything is custom developed and designed on the site, and we had to do a few tweaks to WooCommerce to get everything working the way we needed it to. The website is of course fully responsive.


    Legend Boats ( )

    I have worked with Legend Boats for nearly 4 years now, and we are on our 3rd major revision of the site. This newest version abstracts all the data into separate elements so they can be easily reused, and translated into French. This is not possible with base WordPress, so I have extended the core functionality to add in dozens of data elements per page.