Creating a regular reading habit will make a powerful positive change in your life. Learn what books you should be reading, and what to avoid.

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Five Tips to Create a Daily Reading Habit

I have a love-hate relationship with reading. I love what reading gives me, and yet I get anxious about all the books I haven’t read. My “to-read” list is about 3 times as long as my “read” list, and I’ve read hundreds of books. I recently dedicated myself to making sure I was reading consistently […]

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February Reading List

This month’s Reading List is a bit of a short one. I got sick twice in February, along with it being a short month. I know a lot of people that read a lot when they get sick. I don’t know how they do it. When I’m sick, my brain turns off, and the Netflix […]

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January Reading List

The Monthly Reading List is something new that I am starting. At the beginning of each month, I will write about all the books I read in the previous month. This includes all Non-Fiction and Fiction alike.

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Book Review: The Information Diet

You are what you eat. We hear this saying so often, and we all know how too true it is. So can the same be said for information? Are you what you read? This is the case that Clay Johnson tries to make in this book, and for the most part, he succeeds in making […]