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Dropbox Logo
Technology · 4 MIN READ

Ditching Dropbox

Today is a sad day. I am formatting my computer and reinstalling Mac OS. For the first time in 12 years, Dropbox will not be installed on my machine. What was once my most trusted app, has been slowly devolving into the abyss of overly weighted apps.

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Apple · 1 MIN READ

Ignore node_modules and git Folders in BackBlaze

Backblaze is my backup provider of choice. Backblaze was founded by ex-Apple engineers. As a result, the application is very native to Mac. One problem I’ve always had with my backup solutions is backing up the folders that are completely useless. This includes node_modules, .git and vendor folders.

FireFox Banner
Technology · 2 MIN READ

30-day Firefox Challenge

Everyone seems to be on the Google hate train as of late. What I don’t understand is how many of these so-called “Google haters” still use Google Chrome. Microsoft recently announced that they were moving to Chromium and Opera has already made the switch. This leaves us with a three browser engine market, a dangerous […]

Technology · 1 MIN READ

Slack: Where Annoyance Happens

I’ve been struggling with my communication with my co-workers for several months now. It seems I am always in one of two states. I am either bugging people on Slack, or I am the one being bugged. Slack did replace email for us, but it created a whole new problem in its place. Eric Barnes seems […]

Apple · 1 MIN READ

Marco Arment on the New Mac Pro

Apple blew everyone out of the water a couple weeks ago with the news that they were working on a new Mac Pro along with a Pro screen. I am very excited for this new machine, and I’ve been holding off on buying a new Mac desktop until I saw some major improvements. Marco Arment has now […]

Technology · 1 MIN READ

Earth Temperature Timeline

The earth is always in a constant state of temperature change. This has been true since long before humans were here, and will continue long after we are gone. The question of the last couple generations has been; Are Humans causing an above average temperature shift? XKCD, one of my favourite online comics, has done […]