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Coding · 3 MIN READ

The Massive Benefits of Type Hinting

Type hinting is one of those arguments that every developer eventually get’s pulled into. More often then not, the anti-type hinters will win the argument with their standard go-to argument, “it makes the method less flexible”.  Let me explain why type hinting makes your code no less “flexible” then it was before.

Coding · 1 MIN READ

SSH Keys in macOS Sierra

For the most part, I love macOS Sierra. It has a few quirks, but I enjoy my experience day-to-day, specially on my new 2016 MacBook Pro. The part that keeps frustrating me, was having to keep entering my passphrase for my public key, every time I tried to use SSH or do a git push/pull. […]

Coding · 1 MIN READ

Oh Shit Git

For all of us that work in a Git repo all day long, problems often arise. We constantly have those “Oh, shit” moments, when we need to fix something in Git, and not quite sure how to do it. This incredible one-page summary describes how to recover from some very common Git problems.

Coding · 1 MIN READ

What Every Startup Needs to Know About ReactJS

The title is a bit misleading. This is good knowledge for anyone looking to build applications or websites using ReactJS. I’m been wanting to build a new ReactJS powered SPA, but I was worried about the discoverability consequences. This article really helped clarify what I can do to help with that.

Coding · 1 MIN READ

What Web Devs Need to Know about Autofill

Cloud Four has just posted a great roundup on autofill on the web. This article covers a bunch of attributes and values that I didn’t know existed. For example, if you have Organization in your form, you can type hint the autocomplete in the browser by doing: autocomplete=”organization”

Coding · 1 MIN READ

Use PHP to Retrieve All Links on a Page

I was developing a project recently, where I had the need to get all the links on a certain page. I first turned to a JavaScript library, like Jasmine. I really wanted to do this within my PHP code, so I ended up going with this solution: $html = file_get_contents(‘’); $dom = new DOMDocument(); @$dom->loadHTML($html); […]