iWantMyName is a Registrar by Geeks for Geeks

I use Hover almost exclusively for my domains, but tonight I needed to register a .io domain name. Since Hover doesn’t support .io domains as of yet, I had to search the Interwebs for one who did. I was hoping to find another Canadian registrar, but instead I stumbled upon iWantMyName.

As soon as I got to the homepage, I could tell that iWantMyName shares the same philosophy that drove me to hover; keep the interface really simple, and don’t try to oversell during checkout. I was through the checkout process in under two minutes. Afterwards I went exploring some more on their site. They have a page dedicated to just about every tld they sell (and they sell a LOT). The description on the .io domain page affirmed that I had chosen the right registrar!

.IO can stand for Input/Output and is often used for domain hacks such as fash.io or couch.io. You could also register a .IO web address if you are an alien from Jupiter’s moon Io, but we highly doubt this is the case. However, please let us know if you are visiting our website from outer space and we will enable SpacePal payments as an alternative payment method for your account.

If you travel over to their about page, you will see the people behind the company are true geeks. The hosting stack is almost overkill for what they need (overkill is cool), including Perl, Erlang, CouchDB, and Redis. The team are all extremely qualified to be running this sort of registrar, and have deep experience in the industry.

I’m not sure if I’m going to move all my domains over to iWantMyName, but they really do have me thinking. The service at Hover has been very good, but the geek cred for iWantMyName is through the rough right now. Pricing is the same, so it’s really a toin toss. For more specific ccTLDs, the it is a pretty clear decision that iWantMyName is the winner.