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Reading · 2 MIN READ

Book Review: The Information Diet

You are what you eat. We hear this saying so often, and we all know how too true it is. So can the same be said for information? Are you what you read? This is the case that Clay Johnson tries to make in this book, and for the most part, he succeeds in making […]

Technology · 2 MIN READ

Choosing FireFox for Choice not Fear

I recently read an article I found on HackerNews titled Choose Firefox Now, Or Later You Won’t Get A Choice. While the author does make some good points about why competition is good, the whole premise of the article is terrible.

Coding · 3 MIN READ

Staying off Stack Overflow

I spent a lot of time programming over the holidays. I was doing mostly PHP programming using the CodeIgniter framework, but I also spent some time delving into Ruby and the Rails framework.

Technology · 2 MIN READ

New Dell U2412M 24″ Monitor

I am working on a new website for Fuel Multimedia this week, and the Photoshop design that they gave me was HUGE. We are talking 37,000 pixels wide! With that size of a concept, even my 27″ iMac looks a little small.

Business Strategy · 2 MIN READ

Instapaper and Value Online

Everyone has an idea. Most of them are bad ideas, mixed with a few good ideas, and every once and a while a great idea. The problem is, online our ideas often are hard to monetize. Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) was a great idea, a service I both loved and used, and they will soon be […]