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Coding · 1 MIN READ

What Every Startup Needs to Know About ReactJS

The title is a bit misleading. This is good knowledge for anyone looking to build applications or websites using ReactJS. I’m been wanting to build a new ReactJS powered SPA, but I was worried about the discoverability consequences. This article really helped clarify what I can do to help with that.

Coding · 1 MIN READ

What Web Devs Need to Know about Autofill

Cloud Four has just posted a great roundup on autofill on the web. This article covers a bunch of attributes and values that I didn’t know existed. For example, if you have Organization in your form, you can type hint the autocomplete in the browser by doing: autocomplete=”organization”

Coding · 1 MIN READ

Use PHP to Retrieve All Links on a Page

I was developing a project recently, where I had the need to get all the links on a certain page. I first turned to a JavaScript library, like Jasmine. I really wanted to do this within my PHP code, so I ended up going with this solution: $html = file_get_contents(‘’); $dom = new DOMDocument(); @$dom->loadHTML($html); […]

Coding · 1 MIN READ

Test Driven API Development

DotDev has posted a great tutorial on Test Driven API Development. Even though I already develop test driven APIs, I still love reading articles like this to see how others are solving problems. I have rolled my own Transformers in the past, and I am very excited about the Fractal package they reference in this […]

Technology · 1 MIN READ

What Every Browser Knows About You

As a web developer, I love the amount of information I can grab from the browser. As a privacy advocate and tech enthusiast, I am horrified by how much information is leaked to the browser.

Apple · 1 MIN READ

Enable Native OSX Notifications in Chrome

Chrome 49 brought with it a nice new feature for OSX users, native notifications. The caveat to this is that it’s not a feature available by default, or in the settings panel. To enable native notifications, you’ll have to go enable it via Chrome flags, which is equivalent to FireFox’s about:config chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications