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Technology · 1 MIN READ

The Best Batman Fan Theory Ever

There is no shortage of Batman content, wether it comes right from DC Comics, or fan created material. This Batman theory was originally posted on Reddit, but tickld did a great job of reposting it with some imagery to add emotion.

Laravel · 1 MIN READ

ECMAScript 6 Features

Luke Hoban has a great roundup on Github of all the great new features coming in ECMAScript 6. My personal favourites are String Interpolation and modules.

Technology · 1 MIN READ

Luke Skywalker, Sith Lord

The new Star Wars movie is only a month and a half away. All the fan theories are starting to pour in. Of all the ones I’ve read recently, this one is clearly my favourite. The idea that Luke Skywalker did in fact turn to the dark side, is very intriguing.

Updates · 2 MIN READ

The Legend is Over. Onto the Climax!

Since May 2011, I have been employed at Legend Boats. They have been a great 4+ years, but all great things must come to an end. Two weeks ago I gave my notice to Legend that I was going to be leaving. I have taken a job as a Senior PHP Developer at Climax Media. I […]

WordPress · 4 MIN READ

WordPress is Not an App Platform

WordPress has come a long way since it’s inception. I really got excited about WordPress after the platform started allowing developers to register their own Custom Post Types. I was a big fan of this, and believed this could bring the type of data abstraction that was needed for modern websites.

Laravel · 1 MIN READ

setInterval is Bad

I got another reminder today of how bad setInterval can be. You just don’t hear developers talking about the problems with setInterval. In fact, I’ve seen numerous tutorials where good developers are using it in their examples. We need to start addressing this and start talking about the problems with setInterval.