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Github React Page Overview
Coding · 2 MIN READ

Removing .DS_Store files from Git

There is nothing more frustrating to a developer than looking at their brand new repository, pushed with a fresh new project. Then you see one. Then two…three…more!

Dropbox Logo
Technology · 4 MIN READ

Ditching Dropbox

Today is a sad day. I am formatting my computer and reinstalling Mac OS. For the first time in 12 years, Dropbox will not be installed on my machine. What was once my most trusted app, has been slowly devolving into the abyss of overly weighted apps.

Woman Holding Money
Business Strategy · 5 MIN READ

A Call to Service People to Rise Up!

We are supposed to be living the “Gig Economy”, where we can have anything we need to have done, done for us. Despite this, every day I am constantly told by service people how booked they are and how jammed their schedule is. This is a fundamental breakdown of supply and demand in the marketplace.

Backblaze Logo
Apple · 1 MIN READ

Ignore node_modules and git Folders in BackBlaze

Backblaze is my backup provider of choice. Backblaze was founded by ex-Apple engineers. As a result, the application is very native to Mac. One problem I’ve always had with my backup solutions is backing up the folders that are completely useless. This includes node_modules, .git and vendor folders.

Hand Drawn Bar Chart
Business Strategy · 4 MIN READ

Setting Marketing Goals

The year just rolled over and I’m guessing you have tons of ideas of all the things you want to accomplish in 2019. You need a plan for better execution or your 2019 will deliver the same results as previous years.

PHP Initials Code Snapshot
Coding · 4 MIN READ

Generate Perfect Initials using PHP

Update March 26, 2022I’ve updated this to be compliant with UTF-8 characters. Most of the web apps you use have a placeholder image for your avatar. If the app is using Gravatar to generate the avatars, you will get the mystery man if no user exists. Applications like Trello take it to the next level […]